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Tel: 48 (22) 56 66 509/510

Working Houres:

  We are working from Monday To Thursday from 9:00 o’clock to 15:00 o’clock
                      Friday from 9:00 o’clock to 13:00 o’clock
  Consular Section: from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 o’clock to 13:00 o’clock

  legalizing documents:

  All documents must be translated into Arabic by an authorized translator.
  Most companies legalize following documents:
  – Certificate of manufacture and free sale
  – Certificate of Origin
  – Health and veterinary certificate (is necessary for food)
  – Invoice(Bill)
  Sometimes other documents are needed to be legalized ( It’s depend on dealers on Libyan sides)
  After legalization by Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,Arabic Versions first must be legalized then
  its matches if needed.
  Every legalization cost 130.00 PLN must be paid on embassy account Santander Bank
 PL 26 1090 2851 0000 0001 4736 1364
  In addition 0.001 of the value of the invoice equal in PLN must be paid separately of the
rest of legalizations on embassy account Santander Bank
 PL 26 1090 2851 0000 0001 4736 1364

  Note: You have to bring proof of payments , documents, copy of all documents – if everything is ok
  then Legalizations take at most 7 days.


First you have to ask about your visa support by phone ,If you got it then you have to bring to the Embassy   following documents:
  1.Valid passport , copy of all pages and a legal translation of the first page to arabic.
  2.Two pictures as for passport + one of 2*2.5 cm measurement.
  3.Filling application for Entry Visa (2 copies).
  4.Proof of payment 260.00 PLN on the Embassy bank account ” visa, full name”.
  5.Health insurance bought in State of Libya.
  6.Document confirming employment or unemployment in Poland.
  7.Bank statement.
  8.Initial hotel booking or address of residence during your stay in Libya.
  9.Pre-booking a round-trip flight ticket.
  10.Document about your marital status.
  All mentioned documents must be (or translated) in english or arabic
  After submitting the set of documents you will got your visa within up to 14 days.
  If you have any question don’t hesitate to call us.

السفارة الليبية في وارسو ترحب بكم Welcome in The Embassy of State of Libya in Warsaw